4 Mont. co. Doctors Prescribed Opioids To Addicts, Drug Dealers: DA


KYW news time. Six oh, four four Montgomery County. Doctors are being charged with illegally prescribing opioids and other prescription drugs. KYW suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert report, Montgomery County. DA Kevin steel instead of using a firearm. They're using a push pad to do the damage that that they were doing. Steele says one of the doctors Joseph Cipriani of Nour's towns accused of trading prescriptions for explicit photos videos of women and sexual favors, and according to steal another doctor Lawrence Miller from Lansdale was prescribing as many as five hundred pills at a time and nine of his patients died of drug overdoses, although most died from a combination that include different street drugs that were seeing out there. The patients had recently or just received prescriptions for controlled substances from the doctor to other doctors are charged Bryan Killian ambler and Joseph right and lower

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