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Check traffic and weather together on gates would soon cast. All right, then we have a broken down vehicle in the right lane on the Degan southbound as you approach Yankee Stadium. More trouble on the in the left lane is blocked with a crash on the northbound side as you approach Willis avenue, and we're working to clear collision from the New England threw away southbound as you approach the hatch over in New Jersey without a water main break on tunnel. The avenue in Jersey City southbound side by Manhattan avenue, all lanes are closed in detoured. The northbound side has the left lane closed, and we have emergency construction on the George Washington Bridge, New York bound upper level, two left lanes are closed. It's already forty minutes to New York via the George Washington Bridge. Lincoln tunnel is twenty five minutes to New York. The Holland tunnel is twenty minutes each way and checking the other crossings East River crossings all three are slow to queens, midtown crossings the Queensboro bridge. Midtown tunnel in pretty good shape. No troubles there. The Verizon all sluggish to Brooklyn upper and lower and New Jersey. Staten island. Accuracy, outraged crossing the Bayonne Andy Kaufman's fridge are in pretty good shape. We do still has some delays out there. Very heavy on eastbound extension as you approach liberty state park. We also have a very heavy ride on the eastbound bell Parkway from flatbush avenue into peninsula avenue. And also slow ride on the westbound side of the belt Parkway as you make your way past the airport over in the Bronx cross Bronx busy both ways between the Bronx of a Parkway and the George Washington Bridge and a slow ride northbound on the fan with from the belt Parkway into hillside. And now the forecast from the WCBS weather center, a couple more nice days ahead, certainly comfortable this evening. No problems. If you're going to be out, we'll get cool late tonight. So you may what a jacket if you have plans to be on after midnight, mainly clear tonight, low fifty six in midtown and he suburbs dipped to the forties areas of fog late tonight and early tomorrow. But otherwise tomorrow looks to be another pretty day sunny skies and high near seventy partly cloudy, get comfortable again tomorrow night, low near sixty in midtown and.

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