Facing AndrewLuck


Of things you face. Andrew luck this week. And I know you've seen film on Andrew. I love. Andrew lock I think life a lot of times is do you get support? Nobody can do it alone in life. Nobody no player. Michael, jordan. Yeah. Not in football, by the way, Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson too. And I look at Andrew lock in those first few years, man. He didn't have an align. He didn't have a running game. Now, he has both Logan Ryan when you look at the film of Andrew luck. What do you see what jumps out to you? Because this is the biggest titans game in the regular season. Logan. I can remember in years. What do you see? I see that he's healthy. I mean, he's doing the ball. Like Andrew lucked does and early in his career when he was healthy and has some protection he was MVP candidate. So that's what it is the last games. He hasn't. He hasn't got saying. I mean, that's the key. If you give any quarterback or especially a good one some time in this lead. They can pick you apart. I mean, I I tip my hand. I think that we have the best cover guys NFL. I think we're the best secondary. I think we can match up with anybody man to man with our three corners and our Tuesday fifties. But if you give anybody time, you can't cover them forever. So we have to find a way to disrupt his timing it and then offense align make him uncomfortable. Similar to what we did last week. We just had to really make comfortable back there and allow our coverage in our in our in our rush to the Matt mareo, I think that's the key. You

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