White House working on new rules for reporters after Acosta decision, Trump says


CNN reporter Jim Acosta getting his press credentials back. But now the White House plan to establish new rules for reporters is being viewed by some in the media as another weapon that'll be used by President Trump against the press corps. A New York Times reporter says it's like having a sword hanging over their heads. Now understand the rules haven't even been developed you. They've not even seen the rules. They're just suggesting. Gosh, if there's going to be rules that's going to be bad news. For the reporter. So let's stop right there for just a moment. Does that mean they can't even be on the honor system anymore going forward? Now that just. Just the prospect of having some guidelines were behavior in the White House press briefing room is is so onerous. So punitive I haven't even seen him yet. That's not just this reporter from the New York Times. Erin Burnett on CNN one of Jim Acosta's colleagues at that network. Had this to say, I don't even need words. Here. Do I mean, look this isn't about decorum or respect for the White House? Right. It's about controlling the press the president making it clear that if he can't take away press passes fine, he'll manipulate other journalists to accomplish his goal of silencing the questions. He doesn't want. In fact, he didn't intent. So let me play a little bit more of what he said today. You can hear it for yourself. Am I think somebody's acting out of sorts? I will leave. I'll say thank you very much everybody. Appreciate you coming in. I'll leave and those reporters will not be too friendly to whoever it is. That's acting up. That's the crucial final line. Right. Trump will lead if he doesn't like a question. So he's betting that losing accessed him altogether. We'll make all the other reporters get in line and silence. The reporter who was quote, unquote. Not not being to finally acting out of sorts. I'm sorry acting out of sorts love this isn't about decorum or respect if it was President Trump would know that a question of president doesn't

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