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Going to be safe, and they're going to return to you safely. That thought alone them not coming back safely. Investigators upset 67-year-old bus driver. John Johnson lost control of the bus swearing multiple times before ending up in a ditch. What exactly caused them to swerve remains part of the ongoing investigation. The city of mesquite said. In a statement earlier this week there have been fifty five accidents on Lawson road since two thousand ten but most are due to driver error or vehicle failure a teenager reportedly is in the hospital after getting hit by a car Friday evening, according to Richland hills, police officers and fire crews were dispatched to the seventy four hundred block of Baker boulevard. Going eastbound when they arrived they found a sixteen year old in the roadway and began CPR until fire crews arrive the teen is reportedly in critical condition. No charges have been filed against the driver and the central Texas. Police dog is shot dead after a bit. It's handler while officers were trying to serve a warrant to Waco. Police officers were trying to serve the arrest warrant for a suspect around midday Friday as officers approach the house. The Belgian Mallon waft turned and bit. Its handler after that another officer shot and killed the dog WBZ AP weather. Isolated thunderstorms overnight with a low in the mid seventies. Scattered thunderstorms Sunday with a high of eighty six right now, it's seventy eight degrees at DFW from the WBZ news desk. I'm Ken Jeffrey your next update at twelve oh to twenty four seven coverage at WBZ AP dot com. Judge cavenaugh.

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