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Sunshine and shit, but like do that in the fall, the heat. I'm Jay. The summertime, girl love the fall. You know what I like is those two weeks in the fall. That's the perfect season two weeks in the fall like Mike, and I'm going to complete all winter to like, I, I honestly, like I think some people really are naturally like they want cold weather. They want warm weather and like I think I'm becoming. I'm just a cold weather gal. You will you always air-conditioning. That's a big deal. I'm never called like, I'm like, I'm out when people are going on and freezing. I'm like in like a bra brought up. I just am so glad summers. If I agree at technically, but like I'm gonna get a boyfriend highs guys. My theory is that you can only get a boyfriend. It's September October, here's okay. These are the only acceptable eight weeks to date because you can't date once the holidays start you what I just can't. Charter relationships, you can't start a relationship over the holiday. Yeah, because I'm just never around thanksgiving. January second. You could maintain one. Yeah, yes. Blocks of people do that ever heard of it? And then what's winter happened just before Christmas. Guy have been dumped twice before thanksgiving anyways, nothing anything. You know, once it's winter, it's just I can't date in the winter. I can't show up like all snot nosed and freezing loved today in the winter. All you want to do is stay inside and cuddle and fuck. I dates dating like initial date. I see. Okay. And then sprang is almost summer. So you can't date start dating of the spring and summer summer, nobody starting Dayton, even the side on so many days this summer and rain Topi out here, Dave July, how they all work out. You got boyfriend. Oh, my. Dayton, September and October. Okay. So you guys, I have to say this rain has never heard the term cuffing season thirty seconds ago. Ashley told it was like, yeah, coffee season. That's what we're gonna talk about. And she was like, I'm sorry what? I don't know that word coming. I mean, it just means you just get cuffed up geyser. That's when I think it applies guys guys are like one in somebody to kind of like lockdown with post Labor Day. Pre-thanksgiving in the fall. Yeah, coming season. Yeah. I think coming season officially starts on like actual first-half all slick, September twentieth or whatever. That's when it officially starts..

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