NFL playoff picture: Chiefs’ loss against the Rams helps the Patriots in the race for the AFC’s top seed


So Nick after you saw what you saw from both teams offensively last night in the Rams and the chiefs can the patriots keep pace with that type of offense St. think not the patriots we've seen through ten weeks now with the patriots won't turn the ball over the way both teams Dade yesterday. They won't commit a dozen first-half penalties or close to it. The way the chiefs did yesterday, they're not going to beat themselves. But you looked at just the overwhelming offense of talent take the quarterbacks out of it and Brady last month hadn't been great take him out. Let's Brady come the playoffs going to be awesome with lesser grunk with Josh Gordon that still is not yet seemingly fully on the same page with Brady you look at what the saints have what the Rams have what the chiefs have what the Steelers have even and you say as far as talent. Perspective. The patriots are playing Tom Brady's stacked deck against him. And so I mean, I wouldn't count the patriots out in any scenario because they're so good at the details. But as far as trying to win a shootout, I know they did against cancer the earlier in the year. I was with gronk little healthier that was with the team playing a little bit better. I don't think they can keep up with the top flight offenses in the league as we're seeing them right now, we always do this in football is not a tale of the take. You look at the pats. How they play you watch the game last night. You'll be like, wow. How are they going to keep up this going to do the pets have started seven and three in the last ten years? They've done that half the time, but they've only made it to the Super Bowl with a by. So if they were to play one of these teams, and they had a bye, you're not gonna see Tareq you'll have two hundred yards that does not going to happen to a Bill Belichick team. So they might go score some points. They might build move the ball. But you're not gonna have one guy Bill to dominate the game. So in seeing this what? Say it's not about the offense. Do Bill Chitwood do something about Kansas City, entire healed. Now would Kelsey heard him would a healthy. Sammy Watkins Bill to hurt them. They have so many talented players on both side the way the Rams played patients. Couldn't do anything with that Jared Goff played that way in the Super Bowl. The patriots wooden goes, Tom because there's not one thing that they would build a take away from them was Bill bell. Check is going to try to do. The thing about is. It's not a matter who's the best right now. We know the patriots are going to get better. It's predictable. They're always better as the season goes on. So now in these last six games will they go five and one will they go six to build a get either that number two seater that number one seat that is the key to them. They will keep evolving keep getting better. Let's see how the Rams how they respond to this by a right? It's still a very very young team. I do like how they responded after the law. Us to New Orleans how they've come back and how Sean McVeigh has replaced the overall productivity of Cooper Cup. So those things I think are very very positive going forward. But the patriots they will not be the same team in January that they are today..

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