President Trump defends Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith after hanging comment


Senate seat in Mississippi the special election, pitting Republican Cindy, Hyde Smith against democrat Mike Espy the race was a slam dunk for Hyde. Smith until video surfaced of her joking about attending quote, a public hanging. Trump who plans to hold a rally for her the night before the election came to her defense today. She made a statement, which I know that she feels very badly about it. And it was just sort of said in jest. I she said she's a tremendous woman. And suddenly a democrat is a fighting chance to win a deep and deep web, Mississippi, Martin savage is out front. You know? Thanks deep red Mississippi Republican city Hyde Smith should be cruising to a runoff victory. Instead, she's run into a problem. Cindy, Hyde Smith's own words and actions the latest from twenty fourteen showing wearing a confederate army hat and holding an old rifle if comes after another incident in which he told us supporter in Tupelo over the sound of a train this. At Mississippi State university. She jokes about voter suppression saying. The remarks it's well in the state with a history of lynchings and voters oppression and when her democratic opponent, Mike Espy is African American. We do not need to reinforce those stereotypes that have continued the hot out state and Schaaf high has refused to apologize repeatedly deflected questions about her public hanging remark during a news conference with the state's governor. Statement yesterday. And it's vailable where we stand for. And that's all I'm going to say about it embarrassed, the latest Advil, the campaign uses Hines miss words against her better than this Mississippi, and that's joke. Just how much of an impact controversy is. Having voters depends on who you talk to. If people really truly are understanding what she's all about. I don't think that will check them. Made it very clear both to me and a lot of black mississippians that. The Republican candidates. Do not really have our best interests at heart. The SP campaign is counting energize black electorate who made up thirty three percent of the voters in the initial round the voting earlier this month as well as possible crossover voters now reconsidering their support for height. Smith nervous Republicans were liver last year in neighboring Alabama would democrat Doug Jones pulled off a stunning upset over Republican ROY Moore. President Trump will be Mississippi the day before the run-up campaigning behind Smith. Well, potential twenty twenty democratic presidential contenders had rallied support for us be. In america. A lot of speed is still very much the underdog his ties to the Clinton administration is former agriculture secretary can be alive -bility in this conservative steak on TV Republicans link Espy to national Democrats, Mike, his liberal agenda is their agenda not hours the real key to victory for either candidate may not hinge on controversial. But on the ability abo- campaigns to get voters to the polls again after Petillo midterm election and during distracting holiday season. So Martin, you know

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