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The universe is expanding. But how fast it's expanding is a hot topic for scientists almost one hundred years ago, astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding at a predictable rate, which has been called the Hubble constant some recent more precise measurements have sharpened his accuracy. But they may also put our current understanding of physics in limbo. And the reason you picked this story today. Ashley is because this podcast is being released would be Hubble's one hundred twenty nine th birthday, happy birthday Hubble happy birthday. So before we talk about the new calculations. Here's how Hubble came up with the Hubble constant in the first place. It all started with. Giant clouds of dust and gas and space called nebula when astronomers founded nebula, they didn't know how far away it was if you've ever wondered whether a light in the night sky is a satellite or a star. You know, how hard it is to tell the distance of things in space well in the early nineteen hundreds Hubble found a way to calculate their distance. That's when he realized that nebula weren't located in our own galaxy, but way beyond it they existed as galaxies in their own right, then Hubble compared distance measurements with each galaxies velocity and found that the further away the galaxy was the faster it was moving away from us that led to the bombshell of the century the universe was expanding Hubble came up with a formula to determine the speed of the galaxy. And it uses the Hubble constant astronomers have used that ever since to judge. How fast the universe is expanding? But the constant has been updated as we've gotten better technology, like the Hubble space telescope, the Wilkinson microwave and Assad chirpy probe and. The Planck satellite. The original estimate was somewhere between fifty and one hundred kilometers per second per mega par sec in two thousand thirteen the number came out to sixty seven kilometers per second per mega park, but in December twenty sixteen a group called h zero lenses in Cozma grails wellspring calculated. The number was seventy two not sixty-seven. The thing is the fact that the Hubble constant is constantly changing. Could mean that there are elementary particles in play that we haven't discovered yet. It could mean the dark energy doesn't exist. But instead, there's a theoretical form called phantom energy that could exist. This all would mean new physics and addressed a change in our understanding of the universe. But for now, it's too soon to tell if you're looking for bitter flavors than you might look for a coffee dark chocolate or an India pale ale or IP, but have you ever wondered why some people love those flavor notes while other people can't stand them? We'll research shows that the reason might not be in your head. It might be in your saliva. I'm not. I'm not Knipe guy. But I am a coffee guy. I am a both person. I like I like coffee. I like pretty much anything better. I'm not a big dark chocolate person. But he neither do it. Yeah. I would like to learn more research into the subtle differences of these things, but overall there was some really cool findings in this study to start out saliva isn't just the thing that keeps your tongue moist. It's the biochemical medium of the mouth. That means that every chemical reaction that happens between your tongue and teeth is carried out against a backdrop of saliva. There's so much happening. That Purdue University has an entire institute called spit which stands for saliva perception ingestion tongs and the head of that lab is Dr cordelia running who wanted to figure out why people develop the ability to enjoy bitter food more as they get older. I mean, little kids aren't usually crazy about the taste of coffee after all Dr running in her team had a suspect in this. Tasty mystery bitter foods like dark chocolate get there. Biting taste from chemicals called polyphenyls in a new study. Participants alternated diets for six weeks every other week they drank polyphenyls rich chocolate almond milk a few times a day and during the chocolate consuming part of their diet cycle. Participants began to naturally produce a new kind of protein in their saliva one that easily binds and captures those polyphenyls at the same time. The protein started to show up the participants reported that they enjoyed the drink more and experienced it as less bitter or astringent in a nutshell. That's why you quote unquote, get used to better flavors, and here's a practical application for beer drinkers. According to a new report for produce spit lab, even those of us who prefer crisp pills nurse and rich Stoute's might benefit from trying more as in time. The bitter flavors can actually change the way we experienced taste anyway long story. Short flavor, influences diet, but diet may also influence saliva. Which in turn may influence flavor. Cheers today's episode is sponsored by purple mattress sleep is important it affects the quality of your daily life. And here's a not so fun fact, a lack of sleep makes you eat more. It's tough to stick to a diet. When your body is just screaming at you for more calories. So try a purple mattress, the purple mattress will probably feel different than anything you've ever experienced because it uses this brand new material that was developed by an actual rocket scientist. It's not like the memory foam. You're probably used to the purple material feels unique because it's both firm and soft at the same time. So it keeps everything supported, but it still feels really comfortable. It's also breathable. So it sleeps cool, and you'll get used to it without meeting your body to change your saliva, either with purple mattress, you can get one hundred nine risk free trial. And if you're not fully satisfied, you can return your mattress for a full refund. You'll also get free shipping and returns, and it's backed by a ten year warranty. So you have one more reason to sleep easy. Gonna love purple and right now curiosity daily listeners will get a free purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress. That's an addition to the great free gifts. They're offering site-wide just text curious to forty seven forty seven forty seven. The only way to get this free pillow is to texts curious to forty seven forty seven forty seven. That's C U R. I O US two four seven four seven four seven. Message and data rates may apply. Lots of people travel around the holidays. So here's a pro travel tip. Tuesday is no longer the best data book a flight. In fact, the day you buy your ticket is definitely not the biggest factor in how much you pay. So what is the best? Well, we're going to talk about it. Okay. Fine. A million excited flying. Don't wanna give it away at hush. So the best day to book your flight varies depending on who you ask and 2017 study by cheap air dot com. Founded on average no day of the week is better than any other to book a flight. The prices vary by less than one percent. There used to be more human. Invention where managers could create flash sales and a lot of the time. They were on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but that changed thanks to computers humans are predictable. But algorithms can react to the market in real time. But there are decisions you can make to leave an impact on your wallet. One huge factor is how far ahead of time you book, cheap air found that a single flights lowest fare changes and average of seventy one times going up and down by an average of thirty three dollars about every four and a half days. That study also found that the best time to book a flight is between three weeks and three and a half months in advance of travel since fares tend to be within five percent of their lowest. You should book a little further in advance for spring and summer travel. When demand is high a study from Expedia and the airlines reporting corporation found something similar for most routes. The lowest prices are found thirty days or more ahead of the departure date and rise sharply after that all of the studies found that there's no benefit to waiting until the last minute by and large you'll end up paying hundreds more. Than you need to the other big factor is when you actually travel according to the cheap air study the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday when you'll save an average of seventy three dollars per ticket Sunday is the most expensive the Expedia study found that the cheapest day to travel domestically depends on the airport, but internationally Thursday and Friday our best. The results are clear if you're looking to save money on air travel. It's best to plan ahead and be flexible in your travel

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