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Hopefully, Jim on Halloween candy is your guys went through four move. Jackie finally, Jaggi says hold on a second. This about the third time you've been through this. Exclude this man from the from the line. So we have wasn't just one there were several several oven there and went back, and I say this now most everybody has passed, but we went back after the wedding to the house, and the envelopes were there with the money and the group opened the money and try to decide who maybe overpaid who had underpaid under as it went to the wedding. I remember that. And we went downtown Cleveland the hotel we're going to stay overnight for the Cleveland Browns game the next day. Think was New York Giants. The next day downtown Cleveland went into the hotel room open the open, the shades of the hotel and the beautiful sight of snow a brick wall. So that was a little bit of surprise for Jackie next morning white castle. We got up about eight o'clock went to the white castle got special, and they're still white castles around. That's who we celebrated our day after breakfast. And then walked on over to municipal stadium for the free tickets at Art Modell had provided us because we were coaches in the in the in the canon Cleveland area ran about six of again football players use Sunday to go to the football game as well. My friends guys that I played with walk into the state. They harbor what? Hell football game known you football family, a giants victory over the Browns that day. I mean, this stadium in nine hundred sixty one but. Wash Michigan Ohio state on Saturday. Go to the Browns giants game on Sunday you this was destined. Quarterback Frank Ryan Jim Brown's he played. He would Jim Brown had a touchdown in the game. For the for the Browns. I'm trying to see on the Brown side was Milt Plum. Threw a touchdown pass to Ray Renfro and mill threw two touchdown passes. Actually Ray Renfro in that game. And then of course on the giant side why it'll play the game. He and actually happened the share birthday. So I've learned about life. It'll over the years pets over all of the kicker in that game. We all remember the legendary Pat Summerall interesting note, Jim was coaching the San Francisco he got a signed picture from why tiddle who had been a quarterback with with the forty Niners at one time and wrote a very very complimentary note on the pitcher about Jim's playing career and then his his coaching career. I have it signed in my basement, which I'm sure you have seen having been in the basement. It's amazing. How this world turns and your experiences. Feed off of other experiences. We'll have the anniversary to the harvest hope you guys have a great anniversary weekend. And hope it is. Of course, highlighted by the day before your aniversary a big Michigan football victory down back in your home state,.

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