Marty Smith's Analysis: Does Alabama's Crimson Tide have any real competition?


Alabama crimson tide mardi like, ooh. Yeah. Nobody's honest to God. We've been talking about this around here their second team led by Jalen hurts is that is that the best competition that they would have if they played in the national championship game against their second team with Jalen Hurd. No, no Clinton's good, man. Not only is Clinton good. They're really starting to figure it out. Trevor Lawrence is he's a bona fide scholar now at quarterback their defenses elite. They look very complete to me now and only in the last couple of weeks have they look back complete. Notre Dame looked very good. The other night. I was here Yankee Stadium. But at this point, I still believe it's Alabama everybody else from a lot of different perspectives. Their death is unbelievable. To he's going to run away with the Heisman Trophy and their physicality. So I think that I think that Alabama. If they don't show up unprepared, which I don't expect and they don't suffer some sort of catastrophic injury. I think I think they're going to win it in convincingly. But Clinton is good guys.

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