Chicago hospital shooting leaves police officer, 2 employees and gunman dead


New this morning. A gunman opening fire at a Chicago hospital killing up police officer in two employees in an attack the began Monday with a domestic dispute and then exploded into a firefight with law enforcement of the suspect is also dead. It's not clear if the attacker took his own life or was killed by police at mercy hospital on the city's south side mayor Rahm Emanuel and police superintendent, Eddie Johnson city, Chicago. Lost a doctor. Pharmaceutical assistant and a police officer. All going about their day. All doing what they love. His tears at the soul of our city. We have four deceased individuals police officer to female staff employees at the hospital and the Fender when I would ask is that you all keep all the victims of today's horrific incident and your thoughts and prayers they pulled up they heard gunshots, and they did with what the wrong also always do. They ran towards that gunfire. So they weren't assigned to that particular call they win. Because that's what we do. Not tell you all this. Those officers responded today. Saved a lot of lives because this guy was just shooting that poor woman that got get got off an elevator and nothing to do with nothing, and he shot why there's no doubt in my mind at all those officers that responded were heroes. And they saved a lot of lies because we just don't know how much damage he

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