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The. Pete bring. Cone. Welcome to the underdog upset number ninety five and Chris Hubbard joined by on shoe, Kana Khana what's going on buddy. Not too bad on this end. Chris it is very odd to hear your voice. So sparkling in my headphones here. Well, I'm sorry. You have to go through that. Immaculate. I'm I could not be happier. This is incredible. Yeah. People should notice. We are. We're going with the different means of recording the show this week. So any and all audio issues any in most audio issues should be put to bed if you have any of you hear anything, let us know. But things should be good moving forward. Let's start with the two thousand eighteen major league baseball World Series. Mr. Khanna, Boston Red Sox loss Angeles Dodgers feeling about this gonna be super interesting. I was going back and forth. The I've picked against the Red Sox every series. I think Chris. So it's it's pretty sweet to see them make it all the way through to beat the vaunted Yankees and the the Astros. It's weird to think of the Red Sox underdogs. But here we are in. I think there were dozen both those series. So you know, it's weird to have a hundred eight win team be that. But you know, they've rallied and Barron unconventional favorite. And you know, starting with the pitcher tonight, which is Chris sale. Not really sure what to expect him. That's been the case around the playoffs. Obviously hospitalized. We'll see what he looks like but going to be really interesting and then the dodgers on the other end. I mean, not many people had them making it here either. I mean, despite the fact that they are loaded in there as close to a juggernaut arisen, the analysis far as money and prospects in everything, but you know, a lot of people at the brewers I think that series. I went back and forth about six times. That was such a fun series. And it'll be if they can replicate it here in the World Series of awesome. Where do you say a lot of lot of Manny Machado controversy where do you stand on Machado? In what way I mean as a as a as a baseball player as a respectable, upstanding baseball. Oh, yeah. Those are two different things. Think about when it comes to jot. Oh is an immense talent. Obviously he had a rough twenty sixteen or twenty seventeen is twenty eighteen was outstanding especially when he got traded. And you know, but the stuff that we saw that brewers series makes me like him a lot less, and it's interesting, you know, starting with free agency last year where he demanded a play shortstop, and then going from there, you know, we're talking about an all world defensive third baseman in a pretty average shortstop. I mean, he's got all the town in the world, but that demand, and then obviously, we've heard this Johnny hustle stuff in the end of that he did not want to run out ground balls, and he doesn't consider himself at now, you have Christian yelich who many people like, and, you know, a pretty popular player and by all accounts, a pretty good, dude. Basically calling him in 'em effor in in the post after After the..

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