Jack and Rod Talk Halloween Sex Tips With Ronnie Mund-ster The Howard Stern Show


The word stern show. There's a brand new Halloween themed phony phone call featuring Ronnie, the limo driver again, we use the Jack in rod show there in the middle of interviewing a sex expert. And then they are own sex expert shows up Ronny Munster for. Here we go sit back and enjoy. Welcome to the jacket. Rod sexy Halloween special and on our phone. We have sex addiction expert, Tom gag Leon. Oh, how you doing Tom? Good. Thank you guys have any gives a little plug and tell us about your book, Tom. My book is called the problem with me. My website is the problem was me dot com might book talks about the way men and women just wonderful time. Now, let's welcome our Halloween. Sex expert runny Monday, stir happy Halloween lovers. Happy. Halloween. Ronnie Rodney's here to let our audience know how to have fun and sexy Halloween. Go ahead. Ronnie it's called Bobby for apple bags, get your girl. Lay down on the bid right slowly dip, your balls into mouth full of water, and then she'll gently bite on your balls. Oh, she's trying to bite an apple as she comes up. Your have oh back jerk off and then come in her eyes. And no that's not good. She looked like the lone ranger, and that will be a sexy guys down. I really know any women that like chewing on balls. I really don't believe that to be true shit ejaculate into women's is. Yeah. It's gotta stink. Think again, you're acting out the anger on your mother. I don't even know you. But a willing to get that. This is all about the anger. You have your mother humiliate these women what you will you million mom? I had to say mom. I know what I'm talking about. I know what you're saying. Ronnie tell Tom another way to have fun on Halloween. Get you cock, nice and heart gravity to change and wrap it around you. Wow. Then run out the front yard, the navy's will think it's chain rattling ghost that. You may get dick in my veins pop. My cock first of all I think it hurts. Not me. You're always having so many grab your dick and hurt you, dick. What is that about you examine my dick take care? You dick protected. Don't expose it. Yeah. Why not? I hope you keep you dick inside. Japan's halloween's wrong with balls and people's melting coming all over their face. Please change off your cock trust this guy, man, you're gonna break you bona Ronnie, and where are you going to be in? I'm out I'm out Ronnie where are you going with fucking done? What the hell was that about? Sorry, Thom he left and a half. He's real sensitive about as Boehner. Oh, well, thanks for your time time and have a happy Halloween. But bye. Stern show.

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