James Bolger, Boston And West Virginia discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Has died. Just one day after he arrived at a prison in West Virginia. Now is debts being investigated as a homicide. He was the notorious Boston gangster famous for a life of crime, including a role in at least eleven murders. And those sixteen years on the run with his girlfriend until their capture in twenty eleven the crime bosses life coming to a violent end Whitey. Bolger found dead in his West Virginia prison cell. He had just been transferred their law enforcement officials now telling ABC news Bolger was killed. It was in south Boston where a young James Bolger earned that infamous nickname Whitey because of his light hair. He spent time in Alcatraz returning to Boston where he would rule the streets in one thousand nine hundred four a corrupt FBI agent tipped Bolger off telling him he was about to be indicted. He disappeared. Authorities searching for him for more than a decade releasing surveillance video and this recording of his voice. Don't. Ultimately, tracking him down through his girlfriend, Catherine Greg some of the families of Bulger's victims who relived the tragedies during Bulger's trial struggling to process that the man responsible for so much pain is finally gone

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