Bones found at Vatican property may be tied to decades-old mystery


And he talked to rescuers the entire time. And once again, he went into the well simply to tell people that he did it. Listen to KNX anytime anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and favorite us today. It's eleven fifty now on KNX. As we approach the final hour of trading day on Wall Street. Let's get a check of your money. Here's Frank Motech. All right. Well, it's been a spooky week spooky month of October. But today, we got a thriller going in fact for the second day in a row socks are nicely. Hire the best two-day rally we've seen in quite some time. The Dow right now four hundred points, NASDAQ of one eighty and the S and P five hundred forty seven it's been a rough month for stocks. In fact, the worst month of October since the financial crisis. Looks like Wall Street got a scare numerous potential problems, including rising interest rates and ongoing US trade tensions with China. Both could impair economic growth in company profits today on the earnings front we've seen encouraging reading from Facebook, which has been hammered lately. Facebook's shares soared about eight percent in the early going right now. It's up about four percent. Apple also on the rebound up about three percent here right now moving lower down a dollar fifteen at sixty five dollars a barrel. Taking a look at the price of gold is down ten now. Twelve hundred fifty. Eighteen looks like the markets cheered. By the latest reading on jobs. According to the latest private survey from ADP, payroll processing company companies added two hundred twenty seven thousand jobs in the month of October. And this suggests that companies are still finding workers to hire. Even as the nation's on a plan rate has fallen to

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