Cleveland Browns fantasy options vs the Pittsburgh Steelers


Is a fantasy owner of anybody on this Brown's offense out of the dysfunction with Todd Haley who's now in the hot seat Carlos high traded to Jacksonville now. Nick, Trump's going to get more of the look, what do you think about this Cleveland Browns team facing the Pittsburgh Steelers defense? Dave the defense much maligned for obvious reasons early in the season they have been better of late. They definitely play better. They held that falcons offense to seventeen points. You know, a lot of people high on Mayfield, especially in the area here. Right because he came in that game on that Thursday night. Everybody's watching against the get and he looked very good. And I do think as long term prospects are very solid but with that kind of dysfunction a rookie quarterback. It just seems like a recipe for at at the very bad inconsistency. And that's not what you want to Annecy, especially not what you want out of your quarterback. Because there are so many other options at quarterback. I would be very patient. Final Baker Mayfield owner, and let's say you have Mayfield and Dalton Mayfield and Trubisky Mayfield. In Winston me. Mayfield. Gotta be on the Bank. I would not be playing him over any of those aforementioned guys, I certainly wouldn't play him over all the obvious things that I won't bother going through.

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