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N B R six eighty. Listening to the National League championship series on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. It is the top of the ninth inning walk. You. The dodgers are up five to one. We do the daddy normally more three run home route of the sixth inning. Jeremy Jeffers will lead off the dime. He'll be followed by Chris Taylor. Austin, Dan, Chris singleton with you here to Miller park, and it has grown very quiet here. The ballpark almost a feeling of resignation on the part of the Bill walkie fans is good sees it as their brewers have had as resilient as they have shown themselves to be. They are up against it right now down five to one. As we go top died. I Mitch to plea is doubted in. Kershaw is still standing on the mound the bullpen for the dodgers. And as we speak throwing a pitch just throwing every now. And again, he still got some time heavies covet in the sitting just began is the one. Oh, check swing at a ball inside ball too. I got guest Danny he s company let me continue to throw out there. And again, not ideal. Let's say if Jansen walks a guy and gives up that here in the middle of any you're bringing Clayton Kershaw in. You're gonna get him hot out there. Probably the best thing to do especially after Janssen throw a to get him into start. Here's the to go and Quigley Sakis taking all the way. And he takes stri two and one. And for the brewers. You also have a scheduled ahead, a lefty, righty and lefty. Her shall look at a do perhaps something that he's done before look at the dodgers to the World Series. The to what lookout ran inside almost Tatum. The by three balls in a stripe. Audio COPD. Five runs eight hits. No heirs for the dodgers want seven and over the brewers. The brewers last night to force game seven. The Dow the dodgers are this close to repeating his National League champions. Here's the three one all the way at a bouncer hid weekly towards third charged by moussaka.

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