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Congo's health ministry says the latest outbreak of Ebola is the worst in the country's recorded history with three hundred nineteen confirmed and probable cases on hundred ninety eight people have died since the outbreak was declared August I in the eastern part of the country. You're listening to NPR news from K Q E D news. I'm Jeremy Siegel crews from multiple bay area agencies are in Butte county to help fight. The campfire officials say the blazes now scores did least one hundred thousand acres killed nine people in destroyed more than six thousand homes at last check. The believes was twenty percent contained firefighters from San Francisco's department. Alameda County San Mateo and other agencies have all been. Deployed to the area and further south crews from the bay are also helping with suppression efforts on the Wolsey fire in Los Angeles, and Ventura counties. Meantime, the National Football League says it's monitoring air quality in the bay area and Los Angeles in advance of weekend games in areas affected by wildfire smoke, but as of now the raiders is home game on Sunday and the forty Niners on Monday will be played as scheduled both teams rescheduled their practice times on Friday to minimize exposure for their players Democrats are claiming victory in another southern California. Congressional race Kennedy's politics editor Scott Shafer reports. It might not be the last Orange County democrat Harley Rueda is claiming victory over fifteen term incumbent congressman Dana Rohrabacher, one of several incumbents targeted for defeat. There are still ballots to be counted there and the race has not been officially called. But Rudas lead is more than seven thousand votes and steadily growing if it holds that would make three houses. Seats, flip from read the blue in California, including the seat now held by retiring Republican Darrell Issa, meanwhile in the tenth congressional district around Modesto democrat, Josh harder. As pulled ahead of Republican incumbent, Jeff Denham with thousands of votes. Still to be counted also up for grabs to other Orange County congressional seats where the Republican candidates lead by less than three thousand votes statewide. There are millions of ballots left to be counted. Leaving the racist for insurance

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