Kim Jong Un will visit Seoul in near future, South Korean president says


Trump appear in southwest Florida is you've got all the major media markets really going. That event. So you have Miami TV stations Palm Beach TV stations Orlando Tampa going into that south west Florida area. Even though it's not their normal area to cover, and so you're going to have the president's remarks broadcast throughout the state CBS news update, I'm Matt piper. A former federal investigators says a mafia hitman is the suspect in the prison killing of crime, boss, James Whitey Bulger. The official says that full heels of Freddie gas, and at least one other inmate are believed to have been involved in Bulger's killing in West Virginia. A lawyer says gas would not rat on anyone authorities though have not disclosed the cause of death. The Boston Globe. Sally Murphy has reported on Whitey Bulger's mob life for over thirty years and says in prison has cooperation with the FBI made him a target and Whitey ball. Joe into bed that night. And by that morning at six AM people knew that he was there and we're looking for him. And your ass for Freddie, jazz. It doesn't take much. I mean for a fifty one year old to beat at eighty nine year old man in a wheelchair to death. Murphy says few people knew who Freddie was until now. Now, he will be known as the guy who killed Whitey baltim-. That report from CBS correspondent Nicki Batiste WBZ news time, ten thirty five. And now a page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, the ghost is back. This house is protected through progressive. But that doesn't mean it's not haunted. How else would you explain that radiator like clanking sound or the moon colored light in the hallway that's gone by morning? Maybe he never bundled home and auto and he's doomed to suffer an eternity without the savings. Save an average of seventeen percents on car insurance when you bundle home and auto through progressive. What was that? We'd like sound. Oh,

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