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Nineteen fifty four fifty five season this week in one thousand nine sixty Muhammad Ali then known as cashes clay wins his first professional fight. He beats Tonny hunt secure in six rounds. Now the same week in one thousand nine hundred eighty four thirty two year old Mohammed Ali becomes the heavyweight champion of the world for the second time twenty knocks out twenty five year old champ George Foreman in the eighth round of the rumble in the jungle this week nineteen Seventy-three Tom Seaver. Becomes the first non twenty game winner to win baseball Cy Young award this week in two thousand one Derek Jeter hits major league baseball first World Series, November homerun the game had just gone past midnight. When jeeter hit the game winning home run and this week ten years ago in two thousand eight the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series their first since one thousand nine hundred eighty defeating the Tampa Bay rays four games to one the two thousand eight World Series is notable. Because it's the only fall classic to involve a mid game suspension and resumption two days later game. Five was suspended in the sixth inning on October twenty eight due to rain with the score tied at two two. That's your iheartradio weekend sports time capsule..

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