How much sleep do we need?

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Even shift workers who give themselves eight or nine hours of sleep opportunity. Join the day, they do not get a quality of sleep. They would have if they were sleeping at night because we are by design a dial species we like to be awake during the day and were designed biologically to do that. So it's not as simple as get your sleep at any time during the twenty four hour period, we didn't bleak midwinter the moment. Is there a time of year when I sleep patterns change as well. It does seem to depend on the season. We know this from studying hunter gatherer tribes throughout the world who are untouched by all of the influences of Madonna tea and southern interesting population to study, and although many of them live somewhat closer to the equator others foreign if away where they'll have seasonal shift and indeed. What you find is that joining the winter months they will sleep longer during the summer months, they'll sleep less. So that does seem to suggest that we may have this twelve monthly cycle to us sleep. In addition to many other different timeframes that we could measure Mita out on asleep. Made some of that seems to do with light exposure during the day other aspects actually seemed to do with temperature. So it seems to be both temperature and light that dictate off seasonal changes in sleep. We also know strangely, by the way that all sleep changes dramatically on the basis of the moon on the Luna cycle to that joining the full moon, we tend to sleep a little less, and when people sleep less we know that they are a little bit more emotionally erratic and unstable and it's often led me to wonder about the time lunatic and were that term actually comes from. And whether it actually is sleep related or not the specimen acting funny in your book, he gives some tips for healthy sleep. If you. Have to choose just three for someone a social loafer or lunatic. Let myself finds it very difficult to see sometimes what would your top three tips. Be. I think the first beyond giving yourself really a non negotiable, eight hours leap opportunity every night. The first would be regularity. Go to bed at the same time and wake up the same time. No matter whether it's the weekend or the weekday even if you've had a bad night of sleep still get up at the same time. It sounds paradoxical. But that will reset your system and then get to bed at the normal time. The following night regularity is king. If there's one thing that you take away from this just wake up at the same time every day that would be it beyond that abstaining from alcohol and caffeine are probably your two best solutions in terms of consumption. The final aspect I would say is your environment temperature and light we are docked prime society in this modern era, and we need darkness at night to release a hormone called melatonin to help with him. Healthy sleep so dim down Hof the lights in your home in the last hour before bed. Tried to stay away from screens, get your bedroom. Temperature down to about sixty five degrees celsius sources of somewhere around eighteen degrees celsius those would be my tips for better sleep.

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