Ex-felons in Florida begin registering to vote as amendment takes effect


Hardship Josie says she believes all drivers will be better off. Now, if the city had only curbed growth of four hire vehicles sooner I think what it would have done is forced the driver pay protections and lease protections, which are now pending in city council a lot sooner than than twenty eighteen when we do see them the city council also passed a minimum wage for drivers at which went into effect this month. The cost of reimbursing New York City families who seek private education for students with disabilities. Climb to three hundred twenty five million dollars in two thousand seventeen but that amount covers bills for fewer than four thousand five hundred students are more than two hundred thousand special needs students remain in public schools. Alexander men is an education reporter for the new site chocolate. I think there's some advocates who worry that the policy that's likely benefiting middle class, and for wealthier families who has the time and resources and access to threat and education department's spokesman said the city has hired more special education, teachers and therapists since two thousand fourteen and in New Jersey, former governor Jim mcgreevey has been ousted from his job as head of a New Jersey city nonprofit, mcgreevy ran the Jersey City employment and training program for the last five years. It's a nonprofit that provides job. Job training and other services to at risk poppulation. And it's board is appointed. By the city's mayor Fulop mcgreevy claims he's being forced out as political retribution for firing one of the mayor's patronage hires last year mcgreevy spoke last night at a board meeting retaliatory. And I can tell with the people's lives will be measurably impacted the interim head of the organization Sudan Thomas says the board had other concerns with mcgrady's priorities for the program and that full of played no role in the former governors firing tonight showers likely mainly before midnight, otherwise a low around thirty seven degrees. Currently, it's forty three degrees. It's foggy in

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