Yemen Peace Talks Begin With Agreement to Free 5,000 Prisoners


I reflected on what I'd heard from Yemenis throughout the day. Whether it was Yemeni journalist members of civil society who are year, even of the six members of a women's advisory group to a person they all said that yesterday filled them with hope and that it made them optimistic. But perhaps when you are in a country, which has this kind of warm culture where you talk to each other. And when you've lost in many cases, almost everything that hope is the last thing you hold onto so their daring to hope and basically saying to their politicians come on look at how much as that stake. You know, Yemeni. Journalists said it's so shameful for us. And so tragic to see as journalists we remember for us who are foreign journalists. But when you're reporting on your own country and see how you're on families and friends are are really suffering enormously. Of course, it creates an you the sense. Come on team go let's get together. This is about this team Yemen. We've got to win together. BBC's chief international correspondent, they at least. Thank you very much. News bulletins, the US comedian and actor Kevin Hart as he stepped down from hosting the two thousand nine hundred Oscars because he didn't want to be a distraction. His departure comes after controversy about homophobic, tweets surfaced, heart said, he was sorry it hurt people. We can speak. Now. The entertainment journalist, Anita Bennett who's in LA. This goes back years. These these tweets. They do the tweets date back to two thousand nine earlier in the day. It is just now Friday heroes Angeles the earlier on Thursday heart had shabby tweets or sell old. I've discussed them before I'm not going to say anything else about them. And I'm certainly not going to apologize. Well, guess what? He apologized later. It seems that actually that non apology initially, really infuriated people the sense that he wouldn't initially at least admit that he done anything wrong. Yeah. It was really unusual so on Thursday afternoon heart after this controversy erupted in people uncovered these old tweets on social media and also college that he had made in his state shows. But anyway, heart made a video posted on Instagram. It's show him lying in bed helpfully at his home. He was short list. And you said the situation was beyond crazy. And he said he wasn't going to cave in to internet. Trolls is that I've addressed before. And I've said enough, and he went on and on and on about I'm almost forty year old man on the good, man. And I'm in a good place. And then a few hours later, he posted a second video basically saying that I'm going to stand my ground, and he started off by saying kademi reached out to me and said, I should apologize. I'm not going to do it. And he just went on and on. About why he wasn't going to apologize, and why comments were old and he said if a Oscars job, but she just announced he had gotten on Tuesday at the Oscars job went away. Quote. No harm, no style. Well, it went away. If he was a politician. We'll be asking did he resign? And was he pushed sounds like you've pushed it sounds a lot like he was pushed. But what I find most interesting is that after all day, refusing to apologize. He did ultimately apologized. Why didn't he just apologize in the first place when this whole controversy erupted, and it most likely would have gone away. Instead, he stays Grahovo. He refused to apologize. And now this is a huge PR D'amoto for the academy yet, another PR nightmare and this week in Los Angeles was supposed to be about the Golden Globe nominations. And then in five hours we have the Grammy nominations instead real talking about camping alert. Thank you very much. Indeed. Let's get the sports now with Matthew morning, Connie a last minute bid from Boca Juniors to claim the couple of door is crowned without playing the second leg of their final against that. Great. When a service rivals River Plate has been dismissed by the South American football governing body comparable that means that the game goes ahead on Sunday evening in Madrid the Spanish capital. Remember, it's been moved there. After the postponement of the second leg of the final because of an attack by River Plate fans on the bucket genius bus as they were travelling to their stadium to try and play the match it. Well football has been talking to various people

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