Go Out Or Stay In??


It's the weekend. The most wonderful time of all because that's when we at entertainment rundown. Play our weekly game go out or stay in so hold onto your hat or start a book club where you and your hat can read and then discuss becoming by Michelle Obama, you've found it enlightening, and inspirational your hat found it well written but had trouble relating to the parts about being a person. The entertainment news starts now. We go. Despite all the invasion of privacy lyrics, telling us, otherwise Cardi B and her husband offset have broken up about fifty percent of the songs on his album sound like prelude to a divorce at best and along tumultuous sold during marriage at worst. So maybe everyone is on a better path. Now, I will need some time to grieve for the photo shoots that never were because dam was this a stylish couple offset, suits. Oh, my God gonna go. Do a sad Google image. Search right now be Rb. The Golden Globe nominations are in. And so are the Golden Globes host. It will be Andy Sandberg and Sandra. Oh, no news yet on an Oscar hose right now, they're leaning towards a bottle of coke wearing a bow tie. Here are the major categories for best motion picture drama. It's Black Panther black klansman bohemian rhapsody. If Beale street could talk and a star is born for best motion picture, musical or comedy. It's crazy rich Asians the favorite green book. Mary Poppins returns advice for best television series drama. The Americans bodyguard homecoming kill eve and pose and for best television series, musical or comedy. Bury the good place kidding, the Kaminsky method. And the marvelous MRs Mazel, I was a big fan of the first season of the marvelous MRs Mazel, but I haven't watched the second season yet. I don't even know what's stopping me. It's like when you think of a friend. You haven't talk. Two in a while. And you want to hang out with them. So you take out your phone to write them attacked and then suddenly out of nowhere. You're on the couch and your pajamas. How did that happen? And who poured me this coffee mug full of wine. Netflix spent eighty million dollars to keep friends streaming for another year. So another generation can grow up on friends, and then go to New York and be really confused when there are black people there who aren't I Asia Tyler nice, dry, Charlie. You did what you could girl. There's a chance that the MTV series. Celebrity death match might be coming back is cube is producing a reboot of the series that ran from the late nineties to early arts. This is the second attempt at a reboot. There was another that fizzled out on MTV a few years ago. But I don't know I'm sure there's a place for celebrity death match somewhere. But perhaps it's not in our modern, hyper connected world in these times. We live. When you can just read the great Debra messing. Susan serandon Twitter war of twenty sixteen. If you wanna see celebrities beat each other up so much more vicious than claymation also for the record team. Debra. It is the weekend. And that means it's time to play go out or stay in a weekly game. Where we pit the latest theatrical releases against the most recent morsels available to stream on net. Flicks. Representing go out this week is vox, Lux, you might have seen the poster for vox locks and assumed it was just Natalie Portman in a campaign for Matt cosmetics, but the death by shadow look left aside. This is a real movie and the early reviews are fine. I might see it just because I can't resist the gravitational pull of Natalie Portman playing pop star. It makes literally no sense to me. And for that reason, I can't resist, but before you put up puffy coat on over your pajamas because I'm going to the movie theater. Okay. Not Buckingham Palace representing stay in this week is dumpling. Starring Jennifer Anniston. I'm really excited for this movie for two reasons. One Jennifer Aniston. Plays a critical beauty Queen mom. And I think Jen really thrives enrolls where she can be mean, even friends sassy Rachel is the best. Rachel also. I love a film about how internalized misogyny chips away at mother daughter, relationships and Thirdly, and most importantly, they won't let me bring my coffee mug filled with wine into any of my local theaters. So Carl up on your couch like a cute little potato because this week's winner is dead. Maybe I'm being a little hard on friends today. You guys I mean to be fair Gabrielle union was also in an episode. I remember because I was like oh my God. Oh, my God person of color on friends await she's gone. Take care guys. I've Olympia Harewood, and I will get your next time until then recess a journey. The podcast. You just heard was made using anchor ever thought about making your own podcast anchor. Makes it really easy for anyone to get started. It's a one stop shop for recording hosting and distributing podcasts. 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