Kareem Hunt, Chiefs And NFL discussed on Jim Rome


That rock the NFL this week, and that is Kareem hunt and an incident that the chiefs were aware of the league was aware of. And then a videotape became available through TMZ and the videotape did not paint a good picture at all. If a picture's worth a thousand words, they were all bad and Kareem hunt. Let go by the chiefs. Were you shocked by that? Yeah. I was shocked. I mean, we've seen guys go through these kind of ordeals before. And sometimes I guess I can chances and sometimes they don't think those decisions oftentimes hinge on how young is he how good is he willing to take the PR hits it to continue on with this guy. It was shocking to see a superstar player in his second year for the second best team in the league a true Super Bowl contender to exit the date that it happened to come out and say, yeah, this guy's not playing for his ever again that was that was a shocking development. I think it could actually move the needle maybe going forward in terms of how teams deal with

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