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With the president of China this weekend. Both are locked in a multi-billion dollar trade war. Civil rights leaders say the indictment of four Saint Louis metropolitan police officers reveals a troubling mindset. Inside the department Saint Louis public radio's Rachel Lipman reports. The officers are facing federal charges for their roles in the assault of an undercover officer during a two thousand seventeen protests. The charges include excessive force obstruction of Justice and lying to a grand jury four officers have been suspended without pay the undercover detective was among hundreds of people arrested at downtown Saint Louis in September of last year. It was the third day of protests after a white for a police officer was acquitted of shooting and killing a black, man. That's Rachel Lipman reporting. This is NPR and I'm Jimmy Floyd for WNYC. Some New York City council. Members are introducing a Bill to make the government bidding process with corporations more transparent. The new law would prohibit officials from signing nondisclosure agreements with companies as happened in the Amazon deal councilmember Brad Lander says he feels that level of secrecy should not happen again. If the law had been in place, the city would have had to say we can't sign a non disco. Agreement. So there's two choices. We can make a bid, but it has to be public and people would be able to see it. The Bill is cosponsored by council members Monty Williams and Jimmy van Bremer atop regional Federal Housing administrator is calling for the arrest of three Niger officials after a report found they regularly lied about elevator. Inspections. Lynn Pat overseas region, two of the department of housing and urban development, which includes New York and New Jersey yesterday. She tweeted that the Niger employees should be jailed after they were charged with dozens of felony counts. For falsifying inspection reports. Daily news reporter, Greg Smith says Patten has little authority to pursue the case herself. She has almost nothing to do with this. I guess it's well intention that she does ask a question that is important. And that is did anybody higher up the ladder condone this behavior that isn't really important question. That's the most important question. Smith says the case will be handled by. The district attorney, and Shirley Chisholm story is coming to the big screen and Oscar winning actress viola Davis is bringing it to life. Davis is set to produce and star in a new film about Chisholm for Amazon studios called the fighting, Shirley Chisholm Chisholm, the first black woman ever elected to congress represented New York's twelfth district in the house of representatives from nineteen sixty nine to nine thousand nine hundred eighty three. She was also the first woman to seek the democratic party's presidential nomination in nineteen seventy-two Chisholm died in two thousand five at age eighty and we'll have a retrospective later on all things considered tonight. We've got a twenty percent chance of light rain, otherwise cloudy with a low around thirty four degrees. Currently forty two degrees and cloudy at four oh, six support for NPR comes from farmers insurance committed to helping people understand the ins and outs have insurance. So they can prepare for lives ups and downs. Coverage op. Options and more information can be found at farmers dot com. This is all things considered for men. PR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelley, and I'm Audie Cornish all is run. President Trump's first day the twenty summit in Argentina. He's working his way through a series of meetings. There Trump's visit comes on the heels of a big development and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation a guilty plea by his former attorney Michael Cohen, and what it revealed about Trump's efforts to land a business deal with Russia during the two thousand sixteen campaign NPR White House correspondent tamra Keith is traveling with the president and joins us now from when his IRAs their town. Hey, ATI sometimes when a president goes overseas. The White House is trying to leave all the domestic troubles behind is that the case this time, the answer would seem to be no. And and the reason I say that is that President Trump was supposed to have a meeting here with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he abruptly cancelled that on the way to Argentina via tweet saying it was because of Russian aggression against Ukraine, but then this afternoon there were. Reports of a possibly an informal meeting happening between Trump and Putin. Those reports were being pushed from Russia and the White House put out a sort of an odd statement referring to the Mueller investigation. Sarah Sanders sent this along she said the Russian witch-hunt hoax, which is hopefully now nearing an end is doing very well. Unfortunately, it probably does undermine our relationship with Russia, which was not entirely the answer to the question that we were asking another way that we know that the president's thinking about it is that he's been tweeting about it from here in Argentina a little while ago. Reporter's got to ask the president questions, and and one of the questions was about why he cancelled his meeting with Putin. He insisted it was because of Ukraine, hopefully, they'll be able to settle it out. Flowers amazing with president. The basis of what took place. With respect to the ships, sailors that was the. In the meantime, what else has been going on at the g twenty one big thing that happened today was before the g twenty started a signing ceremony at the president's hotel with the leaders of Canada and Mexico signing the US MCA that is the trade deal that will replace NAFTA. One interesting note is that during remarks, President Trump and president Pineyro of Mexico. It was his last day on the job both referred to it as the US MCA, which is the preferred title that President Trump likes, but prime minister Trudeau kept calling it new NAFTA, even though President Trump does not like the term NAFTA at all. But you know, this is a notable moment because this is a step in the process of President Trump, keeping a campaign promise that said congress and legislatures in Mexico and Canada still need to sign off on this on another subject. The Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman is there. He's of course, been under scrutiny since the killing of journalist Jamal kashogi has he actually interacted with President Trump yet. So a White House official says that they just exchanged pleasantries that there was no discussion. This comes in pretty big contrast with a video that's been circulating of Russian President Putin, and m Bs exchanging sort of an intricate high five that looked very celebratory the president is under some scrutiny about this because he has questioned the CIA assessment that NBS ordered the killing of Jamal kashogi. That's NPR's tamra Keith tamra. Thank you. You're welcome. And we're going to start right there with the g twenty talks in Argentina for our regular week in politics chat. We also need to take stock of another wild week in the Russia investigation. David Brooks of the New York Times is here in the studio as he often has on Friday, David with you and Susan Glasser. The New Yorker, welcome to you. Thanks so much. So President Trump signed this new NAFTA deal today, except as we just heard we're not supposed to call it NAFTA anymore. That's controversial. We are referring to the United States Mexico Canada agreement the US MCA, Scott, I'm tempted to call it also maybe prospects for a trade deal or some sort of agreement with China that may be coming together down at the g twenty Susan. Let me start with you does this count as progress in a year where we have spent a lot more time talking about trade wars than trade deals. Well, look, I think President Trump made a decision to sort of pull back from the brink and to declare victory with the reincarnated NAFTA. Whatever you wanna call it, most experts, and I'm not one on this subject. Do believe that it essentially is a reincarnated NAFTA that it builds on the foundation substantially of the original went and by the way, it's not attend deal. I should point out that there's going to be a real political fight. I think. Up here in Washington on Capitol Hill over approving this. So it's not over. Although President Trump was was taking it as a victory lap. Today was also strengthened by government coming in Mexico, which will inherit the steel by a president on his last day there. That's right. And and I thought you saw the lasting hard feelings as a result of these very tough negotiations with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who did appear at the last minute was uncertain at the signing ceremony today in Buenos Aires. But had some strong words for President Trump, and you've had this amazing spectacle. What have we taken to get here of the United States going after candidate one of its closest allies, David your takeaway, so far from the g twenty well, so far the image of Muhammad bin Salman and Putin doing an end zone dance together is the big takeaway video circulating of them doing a hi fi. Looking very cheer an image. It's a symbol. It's a symbol of an era in which the wolves of the global international order are on the March and undeterred because there's no one. Deter them. And so that's one thing. The second thing I think is the China US relationship and this thank heaven is not a Trump related story to me the big change in US China relations is that we used to have people who were friends of China somewhere, foes of China and the foreign policy establishment sort of split. That's no longer the case. Now, everyone sees China as a challenge, but as a foe Hank pulse in the former treasury fare gave a speech in Singapore recently in which he laid that very clearly and he was very much in the camp. So when Trump talks tough on China trade, he now has a lot of people who are not normally his friends actually thinking he's doing the right thing me loop.

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