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Was the author of a piece on the New England Patriots outlining the friction and the tension between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, rob gronkowski. And the like as they all jockeyed for credit amongst the patriots wealth of success and led to an entire offseason discussion about Tom and Bill Belichick and everything that had happened with Jimmy Garoppolo. And is this the end of the patriot dynasty and now they're in the Super Bowl. So conversely, maybe if you're the Cleveland Browns who are the subject of the lake. Piece by Seth wicker sham. Maybe just maybe you look at this and say all right Super Bowl or bust for next season because it worked out well enough where the patriots man Seth wicker sham is like human thanksgiving. You find out a lot about your family at thanksgiving that you are not ready for Seth wicker sham. You find out a lot about your organization, but you might not have known you might not wanted to have known. But it's coming your way. Anyway, hurricane wicker Shammas in the building. And he is ready to leave his Mark. So we will get to it was a great article by Seth wicker sham documented what it was like inside that organization through all of the regime changes that we've seen in the last few years number of different head coaches GM's all of them and how like

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