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I mentioned yesterday was a lot about major league baseball hall of fame the inductees. Their Mariano Rivera, the first unanimous hall of fame selection with one hundred percent of the four hundred twenty five votes required to get you into the hall and our conversation immediately turn to the next hurdle that starts to come. And that's the steroid era players in major league baseball specifically Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds who have about three years left for their chance at the hall of fame in this window before we go to the veterans committee. We know they're not getting in off any of that. But with what they've got left both right around fifty nine percent of the vote. This time around. Have enjoyed incremental climbs as the years of gone on as far the percentage of the vote overall. It's not going to be enough. These guys aren't going to get into the hall of fame and one player specifically is a little bummed out about that. I appreciate though where Alex Rodriguez comes from this because hell I think all of our hearts of hearts, I asked this question yesterday. If you are someone who is chief at this level. What does your own? What is the man you see in the mirror like what are you allow yourself to think about your career about the things that you've done and about the recognition that you serve one guy made no bones about it? Here's Alex Rodriguez. I'm not gonna make a case for myself. I'm and it's hard for me Stephen as to speak about berry, and and Roger barely speak for myself. But what I will tell you this. I mean, look, I it's such a moving target. The HANA fame is the most prestigious hall of fame still off time of any sports. And when I when we have a day where I have three. Really good friends in Marino in Edgar and Messina getting in. There's a small part of me that feels that. I got an and so

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