Moody's Downgrades Lebanon's Rating to Caa1, Changes Outlook to Stable


President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen is postponing public testimony to congress. He was scheduled to appear before the house oversight and reform committee on February seventh Coen's advisor. Lanny Davis says Cohen has received threats and that the delay is on the advice of Cohen's lawyers because Cohen still cooperating in special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia destination Coen's pleaded guilty to lying to congress about his role in a Trump business proposal in Russia. The oversight committees investigating hush money payments made during the two thousand sixteen campaign to silence woman who claimed to have had affairs with Donald Trump. Jennifer, king, Washington, five dead and banks shooting. I'm Tim Maguire than AP newsmen a police in c-. Bring Florida's say a twenty one year old man walked into a SunTrust Bank and opened fire this afternoon. Sorry to learn that we have at least five victims people who are senselessly murdered as a result of his act. In

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