Ray Rice on domestic violence: 'I want to be in a position now to help'


Former Baltimore Ravens running back. Ray rice is sat down for his first interview since the incident involving the chief star running back Kareem hunt. Adam Kaufman has details. Former disgraced ravens running back Ray rice and his wife j Palmer will appear on CBS this morning with Gayle king today. It's Rice's first interview since cream Hans and Reuben foster recent domestic violence and assault incidents rice, of course, on abrupt to his NFL career in two thousand fourteen after a hotel surveillance camera conham assaulting his then fiancee in an elevator. Now thirty one rice said he has no desire to play football anymore. And after a year of counseling just wants to help other athletes using his personal. Experience as an example. I know now from doing the work how gruesome it is hunters apologized for his actions, but rice said apologies mean nothing. If people don't feel you've done the work in your truly remorseful Kansas be an attempt to

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