CBS board says Moonves won't receive $120 million severance


Katie. Boyle former CBS CEO moon vez will not get his hefty severance package been accused of sexual assault and harassment and after an investigation the company's board said they had ample reason to fire Moonves who's denied several Accu. Of sexual misconduct while at the helm of CBS was removed earlier this year. The board of directors statement says there was caused a fire moon visit including violation of company policies and failure to cooperate with the investigation as a result Moonves won't get that one hundred twenty million dollars severance. Frank says no is professor of media and public affairs at George Washington University. This is serious business, and it's not just about employment practice. It's also about the corporate reputation. The statement goes on to say that while harassment and retaliation are not pervasive at CBS. There have been incidents of past behavior and human resources, not holding those

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