Why Market Cap Is Important

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Okay. So let's talk about this dick Yetlis metric. Emily as a as the sort of like, you know, sensible person around this table didn't prepare for this conversation. We were having it ready. But this is exactly why you perfectly placed onto this. Why do any normal people care about market capitalization? Like, why is this a metric that, you know, the press and even the Huffington Post will write about on a regular basis. What is it about market cap? That captures the immagination of people slightly only financial jog in the metric term thing that people seem to care about. Okay. Well, setting aside that you've just set me up like the village idiot over here. I'm going to explain that people like to they like recognizable brand. So we would only cover like market cap gets really big. If it's a company you've heard of everyone's heard of apple everyone is apple products in their pocket or their purse. So they care about apple and how much it's worth and all that kind of stuff. It's like a person brands are like people to people and market cap is kind of like an easy thing to wrap your head around. This company's worth this amount of money, and this company that you've maybe hate is worth this amount of money. It's like a racer like a football score something in general higher is better. I mean, isn't that how money works you guys? I don't know you tell me like. Yeah. Higher is better. Hi, cap something which which like high was better. Because I really didn't think is it depends on it depends on what you mean by that like for the company for the like. Like investors is clearly not. I mean, what we what we have right now that the news here is the Microsoft or may not at some point around. Now be overtaking apple in market cap and become the most valuable company. This is interesting because Microsoft was supposed to kind of like a dead tech firm apple supposed to be the cool tech firms. So it's almost has like the the whiff of like an underdog or a comeback story and Really reasonable number. hasn't had a high market cap than apple since basically, the iphone Toco? Yeah. Exactly. But the way also another company, which is rising up the market cap league tables is good old-fashioned Cisco, you know, which they remember them. The people hate the sorry. One more thing. People are in this place right now, where we hate all these newfangled technology, Kate we gave Facebook. Now, we hate Twitter now right week for some reason probably hate apple to they're all bunched together. So it's kind of fun since everyone's hating on those companies to go back and be like remember, the good old days when these other tech companies were running staff, but I think that this is actually important because I think part of the reason that Microsoft is doing as well as it is part is because they focused on enterprise solutions like they're focusing on those kind of boring business side. Okay. This is this is late money. We don't use the phrase into price on slate money. I'm sorry. That's just not something we do. But no, okay. First of all. I'm not gonna let you get away with with that, what is an enterprise solution. They're focusing on cloud computing on servers. You didn't understand any of those about the cloud? It's the cloud companies don't have to have their own server, Microsoft, three sixty five being like through the internet. I mean, this is where Microsoft is cloud computing is pretty much what they have okay stake, everything on that AI. Okay..

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