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I imagine down the road permission interview cliff Kingsbury who is US's offensive coordinator. Now, he had a losing record a Texas Tech. He is a controversial choice and probably did not anticipate. An NFL head coaching interview at this point is career. But we've talked about this before there are not a lot of candidates out there that have that as they like to say in today's cliche world, check all the boxes. So you reach little extend your net a little wider to find coaching candidates, but Adam Schefter writing. That at last month's NFL, owner meetings in Dallas league officials informed team executives that they now had to request permission from college athletic directors in order to interview, college coaches, and that if you didn't do that. It would be considered conduct detrimental. And the NFL could dock draft picks from your team. So serious. Tommy. I guess look he he couldn't have thought he was going to get interviewed. Right. I mean, I'm not sure I mean, he's was certainly going to get interviews for an offensive coordinator position in the NFL for sure I'm not sure that he is actually surprised. I don't think he thought that they would block him from doing it. I think he had like a safety a fallback plan and that was USC. And clearly he's not thrilled with being anybody's fallback plan. I don't know how USC didn't see that coming too. But maybe you're right. Maybe this is surprises both parties. I would think you've got to have that built in now. Right. So that has become a standard part of your now college contract is that if I am if someone requests from the professional ranks maybe not from other colleges, but if somebody from the professional ranks. Inquires estimate availability. I have to you have to say that you will allow me to interview for those jobs. Right. That's got a billion this situation yet. Now, it's possible. Maybe there's some kind of like grace period stipulation his contract where it's two months. Six months type of thing. Maybe that's it. I would think it's probably some kind of fine print language like this. That's allowing them to do that. My bigger question is how I mean, how do you salvageable relationship now that they blocked him from NFL head coach is a great question. Right. And it's and it is part and parcel of keeping an organization together. See that's why when you look at Clemson Alabama and those issues don't come up or you look at the patriots. And they never have an Antonio Brown type situation. They don't have anybody talking. Anybody talking about boy I'd like to have Antonio Brown here like Jamal Adams did for example with the jets. It's nothing overly wrong with that. It's just that. Information should come from one. This is how we do things. Here aren't you establish? What we do. And what we don't do while we're under contract here when you're a part of this family, you do things this way. And these programs like Clemson and Alabama and the New England Patriots. They have ways of dealing with things that are not negotiable and aren't. Don't create the kind of problems that happened in situations. Like this like. You gotta handle this better than having it come out from ESPN and Adam Schefter that you denied your coat. What if you know what the next I'm not going there? They're not gonna let me advance. I'm not going to USC.

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