Former five-star quarterback Justin Fields makes Ohio State transfer plans official


You know, one guy does it. Now. The next star guy comes magin imagine. How disruptive it would be two college athletics. Though, if you had to prove yourself to the kid every time, and he went in and fought for a battle, and it was a really close battle a quarterback, and he lost and immediately he could transfer or running back or wideout or middle linebacker or corner or safety or anywhere else on the punter for crying out loud. So the chaos that would be created. If if kids could back out of their deals is not something I have to diagram for you common sense tells you what what it might be like so there has to be. There has to be rules. The question is how limiting are those handcuffs. How long do you have to wear them before you're unshackled? And what will that have? On college athletics, revenue generating college athletics like football and basketball in the long term. So all those things have to be studied. And to this point. They've basically gotten away with and they love it the system that's in place. It works because everybody's making money when you're in a situation where everybody's making money hard to change that situation because the people that would ratify the change. Are the people with the most to lose? And therefore, they're not going to ratify the change. All these fat, suits. I read about some bold guy that runs a bull mix million dollars a year. And basically that's only does he he he handles the logistics of one of the bowls, and I didn't read the whole story because it made me sick. Just the headline of it in the first paragraph. But the point is there's just an awful lot of undeserved money being handed out behind the scenes to people that have nothing to do with the onfield product, you're watching and when that happens. And those are the people in power they are slow to change because there's nothing in it for them. Sure. It's more fair. But it doesn't help them any. It's a lot of what we cry about in congress. Is that these people are out of touch. They're not living the lives where Lee living, and therefore they're not voting the way we vote because it's not real to them. And this is basically what happens in an organization like the NC double A where the right people, quote unquote, are benefiting from these athletes and their skill level. I mentioned it in the show earlier. I mean. I am very much looking forward to Alabama and Clemson. But there's not an administrator I wanna see. Other than the two head coaches do their thing. And come up with game plans to try to stop the other team. It's about the players. It's always about the players. That's why we over hype coaching hires like we are right now and the NFL who's going to get the job who should they get people? Ask me Gaza jet who do you want who do you want them to get who? I want them to get who the hell cares. What I want? I'm not in the room with these guys. I know the questions I'd asked Antrim asked me that I'll be happy to answer that for you. Who do I want someone who can answer my questions the best? How do I find that out? I can't. I can't. So I don't have an opinion on who. I want. My worry is like most people that root for these teams that are looking for coaches. My worry is about the people asking the questions the evaluators of the talent coming in. But it's about players. And that's why the incident overlay is a rip-off organization for a lot of people because they know people not involved in those players are making the money, and that's why we overrate coaching because if you don't have the players, it doesn't matter. Players

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