Pompeo Plans to Press Saudi Leaders Over Killing of Jamal Khashoggi



Into custody a day after Moscow seized former US marine, Paul Whalen on suspicion of spying as Charles Maine's reports is also dismissing rumors of a prisoner exchange at least for now Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei to cough said there was no point in discussing any exchange for ex-marine, Paul Whalen. Arguing authorities had yet to issue. Formal charges Wieland who holds passports from the US Canada. Ireland and the UK was arrested by Russian security agents on December twenty eighth in Moscow for alleged espionage, women's Russian lawyer has previously insisted his client had been charged and openly floated the idea of trading Wayland for Russians in US custody, the competing narratives came as Russia's foreign ministry said a Russian national had also been detained by FBI agents upon arrival to an. Island in the northwest Pacific late last month and was now being held in a Florida prison for NPR news. I'm Charles means in Moscow marchers are in the streets of Budapest, Hungary, protesting the far right government, Victor or Orban the BBC's. Nick THORP reports the rallies were triggered by a new law last month on overtime work. Today's demonstration is a litmus test of the degree of anger in Hungary against the overtime law and of the determination of those willing to come out onto the streets. Heavy snow in the past twenty four hours across the country could reduce numbers threatening nationwide strikes unless there are four main demands of meant the scrapping of the overtime law double digit wage increases, the removal of limitations on the right to strike under far-reaching pension reform. The feeders. Government has already offered an eight percent wage increase this year it by another eight percent next year in an attempt to head off the discontent. The BBC's Nick Thorpe. This is N. NPR? Yellow vest? Protesters are back in the streets of Paris today. And so our French security forces firing tear-gas as some demonstrators, set, motorcycles and barricades on fire. It's the eighth consecutive Saturday of the anti-government marches there.

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