Manson family follower recommended for parole: media


Liz Warner California parole board has recommended parole for a former follower of late cult leader. Charles Manson, convicted of what people believe may have been the very first so-called Manson family murder helter skelter, that's what Matt's and call the chaos that would ensue if the murders of actress, Sharon Tate, Leno, and Rosemary labianca and others would be pinned on African Americans. The first murder, however on July twenty six nine hundred sixty nine two weeks before the Tate lobby slayings was at the hand of Manson follower. Bobby Beausoleil who stabbed musician. Gary hinman at the behest of Manson because Inman reportedly would not give them back money for some bad drugs. Lay told the BBC years ago that none of the so called family members really knew what they trust in spite of the recommendation, incoming governor Gavin Newsom could still

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