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He is the CEO and president of the national association of broadcasters. Former US Senator from the state of Oregon, Gordon Smith who joins us tonight. I gordon. Hello, jim. So good to be with you again. Good to have you back on the air tonight to talk a little bit about radio. Oh, as I have said before if I had a dollar for every time, I've read the obituary of radio, I wouldn't have to work in radio radio approaches at centennial now coming up in November of twenty twenty and we're still here aren't we away? Certainly are it's still a great business, and you know. Two hundred and fifty two hundred sixty million Americans tuned into radio every every week. That's a heck of a market share quite rich and something which we are are quite proud. Of course, we've recently had the midterm elections of the American public in their infinite wisdom has again voted for the straight paralysis ticket of a split congress. Wondering your thoughts about the new democratic chairs coming up in the house of representatives because as a general rule, it's safe to say, I think the Democrats are in favor of more regulation, what are some areas in which you might what to be heard regarding a change of direction at least from what committees in the house of representatives. We're talking about well. Fortunately, the broadcasting issues, we don't register Republican or democrat, and we have great relationships on both sides of the aisle and on both sides of Capitol Hill. Then the new chairman of the house commerce committee that will has oversight of the FCC is a great congressman. But by the name of Frank Pallone out of New Jersey, Frank has been a friend of mine even back when I was on Capitol Hill as a Senator. He's he has been very helpful to us and in many ways over the years. And yet, I think your observation as a general rule is that the Democrats are more oriented to regulation, the Republicans less so but a lot of the deregulation that is happening which they will. I think object to of course is happening at the FCC. We're President Trump is able to have a Republican majority. A three to two majority. That's how it's set up by statute. And so the deregulatory effort will continue such thing as the the quadrennial review and a lot of the decisions that the FCC under chairman as pie have been making over these first two years of the Trump administration will come in for special scrutiny. I'm sure and oversight, for example, net neutrality is is become very part of an issue and she'd pies. Come down against net neutrality, and yet somehow the internet still working and everybody's having access. So that said, I'm sure a lot of the the heat will not be about us about. We'll be about other issues that they have deregulated on one issue that is a doubtedly going to get some discussion, and I might add not only on a partisan level Democrats versus Republicans, but within meet radio community itself that is ownership rules, right? I live on ownership for.

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