Infant ibuprofen recalled from Walmart, CVS, Family Dollar


The state's unresolved congressional right participants the process and the product of the bladen county investigations must inspire confidence that North Carolina will not tolerate any fraud on behalf of any candidate, regardless of political party state. Senator Paul Newton says a bipartisan task force looking into alleged absentee voter fraud would inspire more confidence than the current elections. Board inquiry law. Lawmakers approved a stopgap spending measure today staving off government shutdown for now. Correspondent Lana Zak is in Washington by unanimous consent of the house of representatives passed a two week continuing resolution avoiding a government shutdown, but congress has essentially just hit the snooze button. The federal government will remain funded at its current levels. Just until the end of the day on December twenty first in the following two weeks. Congress will need to make some difficult decisions about funding priorities, including President Trump's request for a border wall or risk another government shutdown just before Christmas. The president is set to meet Tuesday with democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer thirty eight degrees now going down to thirty two in midtown wins. News time four thirty six. The new Dick Cheney movie could be the king of the Golden Globes. Ten ten wins entertainment is neck when it comes to taking care of your family

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