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Herbert Walker. Bush his inaugural address January of nineteen eighty nine. WSB's? Jamie Dupree is in Washington, Chris good morning on a cold grey winner type day in Washington where the focus is now on the National Cathedral here for the official state funeral Downer. George H W Bush, President Trump will be in attendance, along with former presidents, Obama Clinton Carter, and George W Bush who will be giving the main eulogy his brother, former Florida governor, Jeb Bush said there was no snug involved in President Trump, not speaking today were people one talk about is why isn't the president giving the eulogy in this because we have a unique circumstance here. My brother was president the doors of the capitol state open all night is officials say over forty thousand people went by the casket in the rotunda. I think it was a moment of bipartisanship that doesn't really exist anymore. After today's funeral ceremonies. The remains of the forty first president will be.

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