Dan Orlovsky on the Rams


Him just when you had that ability. It allows you to make throws under different body positions and also work on other parts of your game. And I know that Jerry deserves a ton of credit for kind of what happened in. How that game went? But a great thing for me Ross's when I watched that game. What stands out to me? Is you watch the football team. Understand. We're one game away from the Super Bowl. We've got to be able to change and just watching the defense the Rams defense and two things that they did were we're going to double Michael Thomas of lunch, and they doubled Michael Thomas bunch. And then they started to not Kamara office routes. It was literally way to sending a message to Sean Payton in your best players are not going to beat us. If somebody else beats me a tip my hat to you. And we'll go home. But those guys aren't going to beat us Endesa huge reason why they'll be playing simple.

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