Liam Neeson under fire for comments on race and revenge


Roy turn next tonight to the controversy involving actor Liam Niessen the popular actor is under fire tonight for comments he made during an interview what he said about wanting to kill someone. Here's ABC's Linsey Davis. A brutally honest admission from actor Liam Neeson in an interview with the independent promoting his latest movie coal pursuit where he plays a man seeking revenge. He says he understands the rage that can drive a person to revenge sharing his own real life reaction to hearing that a woman close to him was raped. I asked Did you you know. know what color? They she said. It was a black person says he actually carried a Billy club like weapon called Akash. I've done here is with a cauti- who've been I'd be approved by some I'm ashamed to say. I did it for maybe a week hoping some like, we're of pub of a go of me of something, you know. So that I could kill Niessen says he now realizes just how awful his behavior was horrible horrible. I'm gonna think back, but I did that I've never admitted that this happened forty years ago, but is just being revealed now in online, this is sparked a bit of a backlash some calling his comments racist. But Nissan says he's hoping that this can be used as a teachable moment at least Liam Neeson will appear on good Morning, America.

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