No Laying Up


I had I played really well for the first grounds. Unfortunately missed too many greens the last day around that Gulf horse. You can't you can't really miss do many catches up to quick yet. So he, but so in in six so you you've played at six starts you made three cuts. Yes, you've made one hundred K so far on the PGA tour. I think you made one hundred sixty K last tour. Yeah. So that's kind of gives you an idea of the of the range and difference. Just kind of I don't know. Everybody knows a lot of money professional golf, but just see in some the size of some of the paychecks that come in the guys are the guys that are doing this for the first time. This is a very serious thing. I think I saw one of your tweets right after Adam long one in Adams been a pro for five years six years. Maybe I think even longer than that. Yeah. He doubled his earnings in one week. Yeah. His career earnings eight hundred eighty five K or something through eight professional seasons. Exact and then won a million bucks. Yeah. And it's it's awesome. It's the opportunities that we have out here on the PGA tour to provide for our families. To play in front of fans the way that we do is incredible. It is. So so unique and so cool. So what's next for you? Then what are you in events? Go on are you are you the reshuffle is after Genesis after Genesis. So will you slide up again based on your finish, Tori, or you? I would hope so. Yeah, I have I really hope. So I don't know though. And that's kind of the scary thing, we're planning travel. It's like, well, we're going to Pebble Beach next week and maybe Los Angeles do the Monday qualify for Los Angeles. And then we'll get it onto Puerto Rico and After Puerto Rico I'd love to play here in Florida but same times, but this new schedule, you don't know how many guys are going to want to be playing early in Florida. If they're going to be doing prep for the players. It's coming up here in about a month. And it's coming up suit really quick we have to WGC's in the next six weeks. I think like it's packed. Yeah. Very packed early on. So I have onsite other than pebble and Puerto Rico. I don't really know all be played next. It's funny. To hear like the your excitement for WGC's, which means that there's an opposite. Yeah. I guess Puerto Rico and Dominican how do flights work. I mean, what do you like you said, you don't know what you're going to pebble? You don't have return flight booked or Joe figure that out on a expensive to fly last minute. All the time. Yes. It definitely you lose a couple hundred bucks every time I travel with my wife, I'm very thankful that she's out there with me. Now it's way more enjoyable than it was when you travel alone just by what Curtis maxima thing hanging out together every afternoon every night the. Yeah, it does get, but we have a rental car booked for Monterey to LA one way. And hopefully, we can drop it off and trade it in for courtesy card that we can stay LA and then fly from LA to San Juan Puerto Rico. We'll see God. That's amazing. All right. If we're gonna we're gonna predict the event that you have your first PGA tour win at what what would you? What would you guess the event is going to be what's golf course that you're like, okay? That one's for me. I don't know. I honestly haven't seen. I gotta tell you where I would love to win of her son bail. Okay, grew up here in Orlando. I didn't play hill. Professional went out to the tournament. Never was invited out to play never got on the golf course to actually play. I walked it actually followed same Saunders around when I was in highschool after we went to the same high school here in Orlando, huge fan of his grown-up when he went to Clemson turned pro his playing in the third round with Colin Montgomerie in two thousand ten two thousand eleven or something like that. I saw every shot same hit that that that round. There's also is fun is so cool as something that I love going out and seeing on Arnold.

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