Meet Chad Steele, aka the guy behind Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis at Super Bowl


Know, watching the TV Sunday night. And once again, I see the ravens vice president of public relations front and center in the center of the football universe again. And I said we have to get Chad on this week's Adam Schefter podcast. He must be on honored. Well, I mean, it's incredible. What has happened for those of you who are now listening basically CHAD'S job during the year is to work with the Baltimore Ravens? But Super Bowl week. He becomes the media liaison for are you signed to a player or a team. Fair. So during the week there are a number of us that are there to help league out with credentialing radio row know kinda point media in the right direction opening night that Monday night were assigned to a player. I had Tom Brady on Monday night. And then we're time to a player after the which again I had Brady. So it's it's it's flit up between between people. I just so happened to have I think is, sir. Certified time I've had Tom when when they've been in there. So we're we're we're kind of developing a little bond and you had Tom three or four times yet Peyton Manning after the Broncos won the Super Bowl Ray Lewis after the ravens won the Super Bowl. It seems like you always have the star attraction. How does that happen? You know, I don't know where they're like. I said they invite a few of us down kind of some of the heads of department from around the league to help out all week. And then we have some young kids some interns that are looking for jobs, and some some younger systems coordinators that are that are looking to expand the horizons a little bit and down there for the week. And then we just we get the game assignments. And I think the first one that I had when I worked at Super Bowl outside of of the ravens when was was Russell Wilson in in New Jersey a few years ago. And you know, I got a quarterback. I think maybe my side helps you know, that I'm a bigger guy, and I can get out there and kinda kinda move the people through but just ever since. Then I've I've had quarterbacks I think I think six along right now, the only the only loss at what I had I had cast year when the when the eagles beat them, but I pretty decent record. So there you are on Sunday night. The patriots win the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is stormed by the media, Tracy Rolston of CBS is trying to get in to get that interview from your perspective. And you were the only one that appeared in that show with Tracy in Tom, it was Tracy Wilson, Tom Brady, and Chad steal. What was that scrum? Like for you. You know, I it's just it's interesting because Tom pulled in a hundred directions, and you know, we're talk to CBS CBS wanted to try to get the interview pretty quickly. But as soon as you're out there, you're Tom celebrating a little bit than teammates coming up, then have coaches coming up, and he wants to make sure he's very good about making sure he gives respect to the to the opposing team. So they wanna make sure saw Jared golf, and there were a couple of other players that want to see and it's kinda hey, Tom over here can Tom over here. And we're like, hey, Tom, you know, got Tracy right here. Okay. Hold on. I just wanna see this guy. And then as soon as that's done. Somebody else comes up somebody else comes up, but he's he's kinda pulled in a million directions. And we're just saying that hey, trace you just just hang tight hang with us. We'll we'll we'll get them there.

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