Nicki Minaj brushes off criticism of sex offender boyfriend


Manatt for dating a sex offender. I have were broke this week the negative Dana questionable. New bowl orange reports. His name is Kenneth petty. And he is a registered sex offender who attend ripe in nineteen ninety-five that doesn't seem to be bothering Menard who took to Twitter to tweet about people on social media who pass judgement she puts who said sex offenders all sex offenders. Like what's wrong with how our his judgment on sex offenders, and the people who date them y'all trash she tweeted, I love making y'all mad with the tongue out emoji. And they said the leading this pace starting my secret society who's coming with me a bunch of. Jeez. Everybody social media's now psyche. They not only tell the future, but the past two they are your judge jury executioner. I never met these perfect people in real life, though, they only they only social media. I mean that is kind of what we were saying to start the show. So I guess she's right? I mean gotta be fair.

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