Film Review of 'At Eternity's Gate': Willem Dafoe Is Vincent Van Gogh

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HT? What have you been watching? I only saw one movie in the theater this weekend. And that was at attorneys gate, which is the film chronicling the final years of Vincent Van Gogh played by Willem Defoe. I hadn't heard a lot about this movie then praised for limb Defoe's performance, and from what I've seen like trailers or images, it looks kind of muted because it's shot in mostly natural lighting. But and I was wondering whether that would be able to capture sort of like, the brilliant artistry of incident Van Gogh and how he like display's color and everything, and I'm also like a little biased because I absolutely love the doctor who at the soda about Vincent Van Gogh. And I think that's one of the best depictions of the artists, but at attorneys gate is I the best the depiction of the artists in his tortured existence as well as the way that he uniquely views the world. So the natural lighting was it's actually a really beautiful way of depicting. His particularly singular way of viewing the world because it's it's somehow becomes this rich symphony of colors by using the sunlight as a as another form of color. I can't really describe it. But it's just beautifully shot. The descended cinematography is amazing and director Julian Schnabel just doesn't think it Schnabel Schnabel as a brilliant job of just kind of looking all these different types of colors, and shades of just like blades of grass, and yes, Willem Dafoe is astonishing in this movie, especially because this film a lot of it takes place in intense close ups of his face, and he is just all crackles, and and deep deep wells emotion. And I hope that he might get some awards buzz for this film, especially after he got rudely snubbed for the Florida project still. Very bitter about but he's really into gin. And I highly recommend this film, especially if you like Vincent Van Gogh, or if you just want to see a film that really realizes an artist in a beautiful way.

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