Mars Mission Makes Clean Landing


This is Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Steve Mirsky passed through peak. Deceleration telemetry shows the spacecraft saw about eight G L, and Markle Bravo and Iraq radio science reports carrier detected. Inside is now traveling at velocity of two thousand meters per second control room of the NASA insight Mars mission earlier today as the spacecraft landed on the planet after a voyage of six months and three hundred million miles. It'll be sending a probe some five meters below the Martian surface to measure heat flow and listen for tremors. Most of the talking is by Christine's ally of Nasr's Jet Propulsion Laboratory travelling at one thousand meters per second. Insight about four hundred meters per second. It will deploy it's twelve meter diameter. Supersonic parachute. Parachute. Parachutes deploy nominally at about mach. One point seven thirty. One seconds pass round. Patients are serving signals consistent with parachute. Deploy. Trees shows parachute deployment radar powered on. Did you separation commanded twenty two seconds pass? We have radar activation. Where the radar is beginning to search for the ground once the radar locked on the ground and inside is about one kilometer of the surface. The Lander will separate from the back show and begin terminal descent using twelve descent engines, twenty seven seconds pass altitude convergence the radar has locked on the ground. Yes. Danny by the Lander separation. Lander separation commanded altitude six hundred meters. Gravity turn out four hundred meters. Three hundred meters. Two hundred meters. Eighty meters. Sixty meters. Fifty meters constant Rossi thirty seven meters thirty meters twenty meters. Seventeen meters standing by for touchdown. We'll be until about eight PM eastern time today that NASA knows if inside solar panels are out and working correctly. They needed to literally wait for the dust to settle from the landing before deploying the panels catch down confirm. Scientific Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Steve Mirsky.

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