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Angelo, Deangelis And Dangelo discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart


When we asked Angelo about who the gunman was and why the gunman shot his family that day. He told us. He was someone they recognized from around the neighborhood DeAngelis said that his family was not the intended target of the shooting that that the person the gunman was after was a family friend and the gunman decided, hey, if he couldn't get him. He would get anyone could and that happened to be the Angelo and his family and Dangelo said it took the police in an ambulance. Twenty five minutes to get to them. Once I got into the ambulance. They were fused to let my mom in there with me for a while. And to I got to kind of scream send that I wasn't going to leave. Without my mom was seventeen. I need a parrot. They took my idea. Never brought my ID back. My mom gets into the ambulance. She's crying every bump that the ambulance. Hit. It hurt. We get there. I'm handcuffed to the hospital bed when the lead detective walked into the room. And she said, oh, they said that you're your gang member. And the question rings in my mind, implicit racial bias. That is the first thing that we get for African American or students of color period, people of color. And. No one asks me anything the are made assumptions no-one talk to my mom. No one talked to my sister. Nobody talked to my grandmother. They thought they decided is the real word that he was a gang member. In all he was was as seventeen year old kids sitting on his front porch with his family on an August night..

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Angelo, Deangelis And Dangelo discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart

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