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All of it boiled over into a moment where Leonard fournette and. I aim Lawson the Diene for the Buffalo Bills spilled over into a fight on the sideline the end. It was some punches on the field that got both players Jekyll, and that was one of those ugly moments where you thought man are we gonna full mouse in the palace this thing because everybody was involved in that it was Leonard fournette and shack Lawson and both of them were checked. And then the funny thing happened where letter for net going towards the locker room almost had like entourage around him. He had a couple of big dudes walk in with him over kind of escorting them there because they knew shack loss and company would be getting there at the same time. And shack was not done having that argument and all we thought. Spilling into that tunnels. We saw them John. And God bless those cameramen doing the Lord's work getting knee-deep into the tunnel. As we saw that fight spill over there. If we thought how ugly this might get and didn't, but it is every indication of how ugly this Jacksonville season has gotten right now buffalo. Yeah. Buffalo's a playoff was a playoff team last year inexplicably. They found a way we had that last minute play from Andy Dalton and the Bengals that helped lift buffalo into the playoff. All the buffalo wings got sent to him the donations all that great stuff. But that was much more of a fringe playoff team. And they were one that was going to be in transition with worke quarterback. And so this year you've seen the come up from that team. A team that's been able to rally around defense that is over performed for Jacksonville. This season has been a disaster. And so you see that moment for them. And you look at buffalo, and I say fight, I say all these things about buffalo that you can spin it as a positive and endearing sort of thing. And obviously this moment isn't all that endearing to anyone. But on the other side for Jacksonville. This just seems to be the death rattle that this team is in right now as they continue to lose games as now the defense is falling victim to what happens when you've got a team that so imbalance that can't count on its offense to bail it out ever that even a defense that we know has good parts that we've seen perform well that its top level got you to an AFC championship. Now seems to be falling apart and seems to be pulling apart at the seams. When you see that situation, I know Leonard for nets offense a player, but it's the death rattle of this entire machine. And you wonder now for Doug Marrone? What this looks like for him. Because when you fall this hard, nobody walks out of this thing blameless and for Tom Coughlin and this organization. What do you do address the quarterback position going forward? Because in the meantime, your players just be punched in the face.

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