High profile creators leave Patreon



Patriot a crowd funding platform used by many podcasters has removed a number of far-right creators, including Milo Yannopoulos and Cal Benjamin youtuber better known as Sargon of Akkad for what patriot claims is hate speech. However Sam Harris host of the waking up podcast one of the top grossing patriot creators has deleted his account in response accusing the company of political bias and other patriot creators, Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson have promised to build an alternative platform, quote that will not be susceptible to arbitrary censorship. There are reports of many patriot supporters leaving the platform in protest, if you're one of them and you'd like us to Bill you directly we've worked out an alternative if you want it, please let us know. Updates at pod news dot net. And we'll sort that yesterday. We reported that apple podcasts has mysteriously removed many reviews and ratings from their service those that contacted us. Reported losing around half their ratings and reviews issues was seen throughout the whole app. Store. Not just for podcasts. Some noted that review removals were seemingly at random and not related to a purge on automated or spammy reviews at time of going to press podcasters report that their ratings are back to normal. And are they actually important to you need ratings and reviews to get into the what's hot section in apple podcasts. Daniel j Lewis has been checking the data, and he knows the answer. You'll find it linked from the show notes Jew under what Adam curry, thanks have NPR's RAD podcast analytic service. Do have the gall to say, we won't know who you are. When this takes place is just a lie of epic proportions life, she addresses as you can feel it. You'll know what phone you have this more in his podcast. Meanwhile, surprisingly to many pocket costs have confirmed that they have no plans to include rat in their roadmap the podcast app. His part-owned by. NPR TNT in cadence thirteen launching a companion podcast to crime television drama. I am the night the podcast called root of evil will be eight episodes focusing on the real story and real people behind the dramatized crime series, and resonate recordings. Have added a tutorial on how to use audacity feel podcast

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